Going veggie


So me and Alex have decided to go vegetarian. I guess it’s been a long time coming and for two people that love their food it is quite a big challenge – but I think we can do it.

I guess it started because of my fussiness with meat.  I’ve never liked beef, lamb, or even pork.  I love chicken, especially roast chicken, and I LOVE fish/seafood.  Alex ate all meat, but after we moved in together we began eating less and less.  For a start it’s expensive, especially if you want good quality meat.  The only chicken we could regularly afford was frozen chicken breasts that are full of water and go a bit rubbery when you fry them off… yuck.  And I hate to think what kind of a life those chickens had.  We gradually began eating less and less meat and more and more vegetables and meat replacement products (veggie burgers… quorn mince.. quorn chicken pieces, etc).  Until recently when we’d more or less stopped eating meat unless we were eating out or eating takeout.

We’d both been toying with the idea of going veggie for a few years, and then I watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Vegucated’.  Alex came downstairs halfway through me watching it and was like “What’s wrong, you look really upset?!” I rewound the program to show him the clip of how baby chicks are put on a production line, picked up by their leg to check their sex and then slung on either one pile or the other.  The pile of female chicks live an awful life of pain before being killed, whilst the male chicks are either bagged up (alive) and thrown away like trash or minced up alive in a big machine and turned into animal feed.  That’s just a tiny snippet of where our meat comes from, horrific. I know the show’s set in America and some standards are different over here, but still, I don’t enjoy eating meat enough to support an industry like that. If you don’t have to eat animals then why do it?  There’s plenty of health benefits of becoming vegetarian too.

I know if I kept chickens or pigs myself and got to know each of their little quirks and personalities that I’d never be able to kill them or send them to the slaughter house.  I guess it’s easy to disassociate the packaged up meat that you get in supermarkets with little animals with real characters and personalities – but if I know I’d never eat them if I saw the animal when it was a live then surely I’m just burying my head in the sand by still eating meat.  I’m not very good at expressing myself on issues like these.. but hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say!

I’m not going to lie though, tofu from the chinese takeaway just can’t match salt’n’pepper chicken.  And pizza just doesn’t taste as good without the spicy chicken or pepperoni, ahhh, I guess it’ll take some getting used to.

In the meantime, feel free to follow my vegetarian Pinterest board for veggie inspiration – making vegetarianism delicious one recipe at a time.

If anyone knows of any great vegetarian recipes then I’d love to know them!


2 thoughts on “Going veggie

    • Thanks, the recipes on your blog look great, I’ll definitely keep checking in for some tips. 😉 x

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