White Chocolate, Raspberry and Marscapone Tarts // Triple Layer Lemon and Blueberry Cake

I’ve been doing the rounds recently visiting family over Easter… and such events always call for baking.

Pinterest has not disappointed me of late and here are a couple of my favourite bakes that I’ve made recently.

Raspberry and Marscapone Tarts (recipe from: Sips and Spoonfuls Blog)

These tarts are so quick and easy to whip up, they’re great if you’re looking for a simple and yet impressive looking pudding that you can make one-handed whilst cooking up your main meal with the other hand.

GetInline GetInline-1

Triple Layer Lemon and Blueberry Cake (Recipe from: Sally’s Baking Addiction)

Now I don’t often make huge cakes like this one or else me and Alex would be the size of sumo wrestlers.  But it was Alex’s mum’s 50th birthday, so I made an exception.  Baking for an occasion or for someone else always makes me break out in a sweat because I know if it all goes terribly wrong I’ll have a mental breakdown (and possibly a bit of a tantrum..) But this recipe did not fail me in my time of need, despite the fact that it was the first triple-layer cake I’ve ever made, and despite the fact that I accidently using self-raising flour (AND baking powder) instead of plain flour… phew!  I usually end up pretty angry when trying to perform an all-over frosting as well, but the consistency of this cream cheese frosting was perfect, no slipping and sliding cake layers and best of all, no mess, instead of dripping off the frosting stayed exactly where it was meant to.

And best of all, it tasted DELICIOUS.  The cake is fairly tart, maybe even a tiny touch bitter because of how much lemon juice and rind is in the cake, but the cream cheese frosting is super sweet and sets it off perfectly. Can’t wait for another great excuse to bake this one again.


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