Dreaming of stylish, calm and airy Scandinavian home interiors

Living in fully-furnished, rented property doesn’t allow me a great deal of flexibility when it comes to my home’s interior.  In fact the only furniture that me and Alex own is an Ikea desk, a TV cabinet (from Homesense… I love it!) and 3 small nesting tables (bought second hand from Gumtree).  But that doesn’t stop me from constantly planning what I want my future home to look like, buying little accessories and generally lusting over interiors I see on Pinterest.

My favourite style is definitely clean, airy, uncrowded Scandinavian interior design.  I love the simplicity of the plain white backdrops and the way colour splash accessories and furniture bring the room alive and add so much character.

Here are a few of my favourite Scandinavian inspired interiors that I’ve happened across during recent browsing adventures.

scandinavian home interiors1.) I love greenery and plants in the home, especially the kitchen.  The low hung lights over the worktops are lovely too.  Image from: http://erikolsson.se

2.) Calming whites and greys complemented by gold details.  I want to know where that light shade is from! Beautiful!  Image from: www.homepolish.com

3.) Fairly simple and clean interior but the artwork and cushions bring a splash of interest and colour to the design.  Clean and uncluttered with a fantastic sofa! Image from: http://thedesignfiles.net

4.) Love the mix of patterns and textures in this photo. There’s an eclectic mix of colours and patterns and yet the clean white walls and pale sofa stop the room appearing cluttered or messy. Love the way this room looks like everything’s casually been thrown together and yet looks PERFECT! (Can you tell how much I want a pale grey sofa yet?!) Image from: http://myscandinavianhome.blogspot.co.uk

5.) I can imagine this bright, colourful, airy kitchen in a family home.  How could anyone ever be sad with a pretty kitchen with a sunny yellow wall and mismatched multi-coloured chairs? Image from: www.besthousedesign.com

6.) This room stays stylish and classic whilst looking homey and lived in.  The books, ornaments and artwork personalise the room without altering the style or looking messy.  Think this is the same rug as in image 2?! Image from: http://www.minted.com

On a different note, I’m off to Croatia for 4 days on Monday (and the weather forecast says thunderstorms and rain every day that we’re there!)  Can’t wait to try out my new camera whilst I’m away, prepare to be bombarded with holiday snaps when I’m back. 🙂